What is SmartDoG?

SmartDoG is Proximity – Based Marketing and Analytics Solution for Business in brick and mortar environment, offering Hardware, Software and Cloud based Solution in one place. SmartDoG helps businesses enrich their customers experience by delivering relevant mobile Ads based on context, proximity, location and business type.

In a real world scenario, we could trigger an app on customer Smartphone to send notifications or promotional coupons as he/she enters a specific zone, such as a shop, cafe or floor. It could also direct customers to areas of interest and provide additional information on specific items of your interest.

SmartDoG leads customers to you and helps businesses to increase revenues, branding and customer loyalty

Who can use SmartDoG










Extremely accurate indoors


Doesn't track, simply logs in when in range.


Affordable, Accessible, and Scalable


No impact to the user's device and battery life.

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How It Helps

Allow retailers to join forces when it comes to geo-targeted offers

Promote multiple stores by grouping them into different discrete areas across the floor map of the mall and delivering customized messages to consumers within a certain radius alone

Shopping with digital treasure hunts

With SmartDoG Network you can offer an enhanced gaming experience that is both intuitive and unobtrusive, allowing you to precisely locate your consumer within the premises of the mall and easily detect when he/she discovers an item he is searching for.

Gather digital up votes and down votes from visitors

Feedback can be provided by sending a notification regarding facilities in the malls

Help in navigation

SmartDoG Sensors tell shoppers where they are and direct them to their desired locations within the mall.

Engage your customers with a unified mall experience

Malls can spearheads a unique program, to send out alerts promoting multiple brands, based on factors such as user’s past preferences, time and money spent at the mall etc

Hassle Parking Facilities

SmartDoG can lead the shopper as soon as he enters the mall, by triggering a notification about the number of parking spots available and direct shoppers to the nearest one

How it Works

For Consumer

Consumer Actions

1) Download, Consumer Downloads an app

2) Bluetooth On, user enables the Blue tooth on their Phone. If isn’t already enabled the app will ask the user to do so.

3) Consent, Consumer agrees to the terms and conditions

System Actions

1) Broadcast beacons are placed at different locations within the mall/store and broadcast signal within limited radius.

2) Detect nearby User, App pushes messages to drive traffic to the retailers

3) Push Information to the retailers are able to send specific content, promotions and other communication to the user.

For Business

Step 1

Subscribe to our SmartDoG network which is already in place or Buy and place our beacon at your store or vantage point.

Step 2

Login to our SmartDoG CMS to create digital Content.

Step 3

Send Advert to the customer who you know is in proximity to you and you decide when to send him whether she/he is within 1meters or 100 meters away from your business.